Comments & Testimonials

Victoria's story ....... "When my beloved Dad passed away suddenly in May 2013, he left a fair few bikes in his garage. My heart was broken, but inspired by my Dad's legacy and his love of life and two wheels, I agreed with my Husband we should take our bike tests. It never occurred to me at the time, that learning to ride was going to be one of life's great challenges for me! My husband of course, was a total natural and sailed through his DAS, in literally a few weeks! He was so confident and so well taught by Gavin he went right out after his near faultless pass and bought a Harley Davidson, a 103cu Softail Slim, a bike with some serious road presence! He was on the road by August 2013 and this is absolute testament to Gavin's teaching; it's a monster of a V-twin and Darren throws it around with ease. Yes, even corners! I however, floundered and struggled with getting to grips with controls and fear of feeling so exposed out on the road, speed, wind, bike weight, pretty much everything. I found riding gruelling and exhausting and Darren couldn't relate at all, he just loved it from day 1! I started to think I was never going to be able to ride a 'big bike'. I spent what felt like days and years going round and round on a light A1 125 and I so wanted to ride a bigger A2 bike, but I was too scared! So, I hung up my gear for the winter and instead, resigned myself to being pillion and sat on the back of the new Harley for Darren (my husband's), first 5000 miles! Then in June/July of 2014 something changed. I was riding pillion on another brilliant ride out with friends and sitting on the back, again and I got a feeling I was missing out and well, frankly, for the first time ever as a passenger on this amazing bike, I was a bit bored! So, I contacted Gavin again and set up my next lesson...but this time I knew I really wanted to give it a fair shot; push myself a bit more. I am so thankful I did and I will be forever grateful that we choose Gavin and Finesse Rider Training, Gavin is endlessly patient and understanding; clearly a technically, excellent rider himself and someone who teaches people to ride because he simply must, he's just got the gift! He loves bikes and completely understands their practicalities, but more importantly for me he understands what riding a bike and learning to do it, really means to some people. I would never of got this level of service from another school and I would of probably just given up, believing I just wasn't meant to ride at all, or worse, struggled through a test, passed by the skin of my teeth and then lost all confidence! Gavin was so certain I would ride the bike I wanted to, so why shouldn't I be and if he wasn't that certain, not once did he ever let that show. I am just about to take my Mod 2 in a few days following a first time Mod 1 pass, it is just amazing to think I made it all the way to this point, finally! It's true something did just 'click' and that I did give myself a good talking to on a few occasions to get to grips with my own worries, but Gavin never making me feel like I couldn't ride like a pro gave me confidence to keep going. When I am on a bike I am not just looking through a window at the world going by anymore I am present in it now and I love that feeling, but it wasn't an instant love affair I didn't understand why I even wanted to do it at first; it has been more about the journey for me, but then riding any kind of motorbike it's never really about the destination anyway. I see now why my Dad loved his bikes and why he always thought I should give it a go. I am looking forward to the test now and pass or fail, I won't be giving up as I am I'm ready to ride our bike. V Thanks instructor Gav"! Victoria & Darren Norris

Karl Frosdick wrote ....... "My thanks go to Finesse Rider Training who over the years, have helped me through many CBT’s and finally my DAS. They have displayed an excellent understanding of my individual needs and requirements. Throughout the process I was put at ease and any nerves I felt were quickly dispelled. The training I received was first class, very informative, very well structured, and at no time, did I feel I was being rushed, Gavin really took the time to make sure that I understood everything that was being taught. By the time we went out on the road (and all the way through the practical road lessons) I felt totally confident about what I had learnt and comfortable with riding a motorbike. I am also glad to be a part of a fantastic year for Finesse Rider Training having had no test fails! I wish them every success. Well done Gavin!"

We Passed!!

Here is a small selection of our previous students who passed their tests and are now enjoying a bikers life on the open road.

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